How to implement Queue using Link List?

Hello Programmer,

How are you doing? In this tutorial I will show you how to implement Queue using Link list. Prerequisite : You have to know What is the link list ? How It works? And algorithm of Queue. Well, I assume you are familiar of those prerequisites. Implement Queue using Array

Well,Implement the Queue in link list, first you’ve to define a structure which has two part, one is data part another one is address part.(address of next node).

typedef struct Node{
    int data;
    struct Node *next;

Then you have to define two pointer variable .

node *front,*rear;

Then initialize a function where define front = rear = 0

void initial(){
    front = rear = 0;

Well, Our initial setup has done, Now implement the enqueue function.

void enqueue(int val){
    node *newNode;
    newNode = new node;
    newNode->data = val;
    newNode->next = 0;
    if(front == 0 && rear == 0){
        front = rear =  newNode;
        rear->next = newNode;
        rear = rear->next;

dequeue function :

int dequeue(){
    if(front == 0 && rear == 0){
        cout<<"\nEmpty Queue!\n";
        return -9999;
    int data = front->data;
    node *temp = front;
    front = front->next;
    return data;

display the values using display function :

void display(node *top){
    node *temp = top;
    if(top == 0){
        cout<<"\nEmpty Queue!\n";
    while(temp != 0){
        cout<<temp->data<<" ";
        temp = temp->next;

Source code :

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